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Principal: Alessandra Artusi

The Liceo Foscarini recently celebrated its two centuries of life; it was in fact founded in 1807, by Napoleonic decree, under the name of Liceo di S.Caterina.

The Liceo continued to function regularly through the political upheavals of the Veneto in the 19th century: from 1814 to 1866 under Austrian rule. During this period, precisely in 1850, the Liceo was separated from the Convitto.

From 1866, the year of the unification of Veneto to Italy, the Liceo became Italian. In 1867, having abandoned the still evidently 'divisive' hypothesis of naming it after a very high personality of Venetian culture, the Servite friar Paolo Sarpi, the Liceo and Convitto were named after the much less famous 'literate' doge Marco Foscarini (1696-1763).   

The Liceo then followed reforms and transformations of the Italian school from the Kingdom of Italy to the Fascist era to the Republic: in particular, the Gentile Reform of 1923 transformed the Liceo into the Liceo Classico.

The late 20th century was a period of transformation for the Liceo, marked by the reunification with the boarding school in 1995 and the birth of the website in 1996. This period, and even more so the early 2000s, were characterised by a strong increase in enrolments, driven by the establishment, from 2010, of the new address of Liceo Classico Europeo. In 2023 the new Liceo Scientifico Internazionale was founded.

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